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Lafayette Forklift Parts - Lafayette, Louisiana is situated along the Vermilion River and serves as the Parish seat of Lafayette Parish. Lafayette has a population of over 120,000 according to the US Census of 2010. It is the bigger principal city of the Louisiana Combined Statistical Area of Lafayette-Acadiana. During the year 2007, this statistical area had a recorded population of 538,470. The city of Lafayette is the fourth largest city in the state.

The city of Lafayette in Lafayette Parish should not be mistaken though with the former city of the same name within Jefferson Parish. Just recently, the other Lafayette was absorbed by the city of New Orleans. Initially, the area was established in 1821 as Vermilionville. Jean Mouton, a French speaking Acadian was the area's founder. The location was renamed during 1884 for General Gilbert du Montier, Marquis de Lafayette, a French military hero. He fought and really helped the American Army in the American Revolutionary War.

Lafayette's primary economy was traditionally agriculture until at least the 1940's. Today, the dominant businesses within the region are petroleum and natural gas. The medical profession has recently become a more major part in the surrounding economy.

The city of Lafayette has a rich history that is almost as bold as Louisiana State. From the timeframe spanning from 1541 until 1803, the state of Louisiana was governed by 10 different flags. Ultimately, during the year 1803, it came under the possession of the United States.

The city of Lafayette has a long history of heritage and influence, which in large part was due to "Le Grand Derangement." In 1755, lots of French Canadians were forced to flee from their homes after they refused to renounce their Catholic religion. The Anglican Church aimed to have the people pledge their loyalty to the British Flag. Sadly, over 50 percent of the Acadians perished because their crops and homes were burned by the British and they fled to the sea. The majority of survivors ended up within Louisiana after the King of Spain allowed them to settle in South Louisiana. These French Canadians settled in areas around the city of Lafayette. Here they were able to trap and fish according to their own customs and raise their crops in their own fashion too. This is how the Cajun culture was born.

It is interesting to note that the word Cajun originated when the French of noble ancestry will refer to the Acadians as "le Cadiens," dropping the letter "A." Later on, the American people, who can not pronounce "Cadien" simply shortened the term and called the people as "Cajuns." These Cajun people were famous for their unique culture. They are known to be fun and enthusiastic people who have a reputation for being hard working and really religious. Their cuisine, recognized to be spicy, flavorful food has become popular throughout the world. It is still preferred amongst the "Bayou Country" tourists.

Right within the middle of the Acadiana area, Lafayette is the main retail center for the five parishes. Amongst the main retail places in the Mall of Acadiana, which consists of department stores including Dillard's, Sears, Macy's, and JC Penney. It likewise has more than one hundred specialty stores. Several popular outlets comprise: Chico's, American eagle Outfitters, Plato's Closet, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nine West, Cold Water Creek and Talbots. Moreover, the biggest Academy chain discount store is Academy Sports and Outdoors' Lafayette location.

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