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New Orleans Forklift Parts - The city of New Orleans, Louisiana is the biggest city in the state and is a major seaport. The New Orleans metropolitan area supports over 1,235,650 inhabitants. The Metairie-Bogalusa-New Orleans combined statistical area has a population of approximately 1,360,436.

The city was named after duc d'Orlean, the regent of France, Philippe II. Established in 1718, New Orleans's main cultural heritage is French Creole. The city of New Orleans is recognized for its cuisine, its music and its unique architecture. The city is often called the origin of jazz. The Mardi Gras festival held each year draws lots of tourists.

New Orleans is a distinctive American city which has many diverse multilingual and diverse influences. The culture of the Creole blends the influences of the Spanish, African and French cultures. The culture of the Cajun derives from the descendants of French immigrants who came here through Canada. Few American cities could claim a more fascinating history. The area was ruled by Spain and by France at various points in its history. In the year 1803, as part of the Louisiana Purchase, it was bought by the United States from France.

The city has a great local cuisine, including lots of local dishes like for example gumbo and crawfish etouffeis. These classics could be enjoyed in many restaurants. New Orleans food is so distinctive due to its evolution over centuries from local Creole, haute Creole, and French cuisines. The unique flavours of the city of Louisiana are a creative blend of French, Spanish, Italian, African, Cajun, Native American, Chinese, and Cuban traditions.

A center of maritime industry, the city of New Orleans has amongst the busiest seaports in the world. On shore and offshore oil refining and petrochemical production form a major sector of the economy. Large energy corporations, such as Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron, have regional headquarters situated within New Orleans. The headquarters of other oil services firms and energy producing corporations are situated here. Design and engineering firms are drawn to New Orleans by the energy sector. There are a lot of white collar employees employed in the petroleum and natural gas production sector.

Federal Government agencies form a different important sector within the New Orleans region. Among them are the NASA's Michoud Assembly, National Finance Center and the U.S. Navy's Space and Naval Warfare (or also referred to as SPAWAR) Systems Command.

The city of New Orleans is in fact a globally competitive manufacturing center with several top private firms within the industry of aerospace manufacturing and shipbuilding. At Martin Marietta, aerospace components are made for the NASA assembly plant. Other sectors of the economy include education, healthcare, tourism, and research and technology.

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