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Crown Forklift Part

Crown Forklift Part

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Crown Forklift Parts - Two brothers Allen A. Dicke and the late Carl H. Dicke formed the Crown business in 1945. Carl's son, James F. Dicke joined the family company later on that year. At present, his son, James F. Dicke II, is Chairman and CEO. James F. Dicke III, serves as the company President these days, becoming the fourth generation of the Dicke family to maintain this position.

Now an globally diversified organization, Crown first designed temperature controls for coal burning furnaces, servicing a small clientele. The production of these control units took place in a former hardware store stationed in New Bremen, Ohio, where Crown's headquarters presently remain.

By the year 1949, Crown shifted into the making of rotators for antenna due the increased interest in televisions at the time. The product was able to improve the image and reception quality. The company's successful move enabled them to become a leading producer of units until 2001. The company ceased production in October after a decline in the worldwide demand for TV antenna rotators.

Crown before long diversified its manufacturing to incorporate the restoration of mechanical and electrical parts for private and government use in the early 1950's. After a number of successful bids within a short period of time, the company had built a respectable business in this field.

Flexibility and achievement dominated Crown's capability to diversify once again. In 1957, production into the material handling industry began with forklift production. The company believed the market needed a smaller line of superior quality lift trucks. Crown quickly fashioned an exceptional series of contemporary equipment and swiftly grew to be the most rapidly evolving material handling organization with its range of merchandise.

In 1966, Crown ventured outside of the US material handling market and into Australia. Sydney, Australia is home to the regional headquarters and at present leads Crown's Asia Pacific service, sales and advertising and marketing teams. Crown remains an unwavering industry leader today, supported by exceptional service, solid sales and strong production operations.

Two years later, Crown had moved into the European markets by buying up an Irish production plant from a German Company, Steinbock. There they began to construct PTH hand pallet trucks. Later on that same year, Crown began their first London operation stationed near Heathrow Airport. The sales and service operation of Crown's comprehensive forklift line was offered in the UK by the end of the decade. In the early 1970's, Crown expanded and began marketing and advertising forklifts across Europe through independent sellers.

Today, Crown manufactures a massive fleet of electric forklifts. The company's vendor network, based in key international markets, consists of both Crown-owned and independently-owned dealers. They are accountable for handling the company's product sales and service.

There is Corporate offices in Munich, Germany and in New Bremen Ohio, which provide promotional sales and national marketing support to all of their dealers and sales personnel. Crown dealers and sales personnel are trained in-house in many disciplines to guarantee the utmost reliability and service. The Munich office was launched in the 1980's and delivers purchasing, advertising and marketing, engineering and design capabilities for India, Africa, the Middle East along with Europe. The diverse relations of intercontinental dealers and Crown-owned dealers successfully operate in nearly 100 foreign city environments.

Crown has established 6 manufacturing locations in the United States that include: New Knoxville; Celina, Ohio; Greencastle, Indiana; Kinston, North Carolina; Fort Loramie, Ohio; and New Bremen, Ohio. Serving their expanding foreign markets, Crown has manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia (since 1966); Queretaro, Mexico (since 1973); Roding, Germany (since 1986); and Suzhou, China (since 2006). Crown also owns branch sales and service center operations in more than 30 locations in the USA. International branch sales and service center operations consist of locations in Singapore, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Korea, Malaysia, England, Germany, Belgium and Australia.

Crown has earned a profitable reputation as a consistent, trustworthy and forward-thinking organization by satisfied clients worldwide. The company has earned over 50 prominent design awards and the Crown goods continue to attain recognition for top design superiority and innovation. For example, in the 1970's, Crown's introduction of the side-stance design proved exciting and unparalleled by materials handling professionals. Today, this design has gained popular acceptance and earned a Design of the Decade award from the International Design Society of America. Again, more than thirty years later, the 5200S Series Reach Truck is another industry first, providing the operator with several comfort alternatives to lean, sit or stand, along with its unmatched productivity capability.

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