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Because of the increasing requirement for high performing narrow aisle reach trucks, Nissan has started to build the very first pantograph style reach truck in the business. Introducing the new SRX Platinum Series of reach trucks has become part of the North American market. The launch within Australia is scheduled to follow very soon.

The SRX Platinum Series is available in 3 capacities. These load capacities vary from 1360 kilograms to 2000. The system was made due to intensive operator input on the design. These considerations played a big part to ensure its acceptance into the extremely competitive reach truck market in the US. The following outstanding operator comfort and safety features have resulted for the Nissan trucks.

Because of a low step height, exit and entry is simplified. The side stance design makes forward and reverse driving a comfortable experience for the operator. The unit is complete with a gently sloped floorboard which is in place to sit over 4 vibration isolators. This particular design provides a relaxed driving position for the operator during a standing shift. In addition, the SRX Platinum Series provides a cushioned floor mat to provide a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The dual spring suspension system in the caster design adds to the drive's overall smoothness. The suspension also offers a much more stable operation during use on rough or uneven driving surfaces. The thick padding located underneath the operator's arm enhances the total comfort factor further. There is a height adjustable knee pad and cushioned backrest in place too. The high operator backrest and the rear overhead guard post on the SRX Series provide additional operator protection. This is especially essential when working around racking and within tight locations.

The multi-function handle and the intuitive and ergonomically designed interior of Nissan's lift trucks are built to achieve accurate control while reducing operator comfort. Some of the Operational commands include lift and lower, drive, horn, side-shift or other auxiliary function and reach can be executed and performed using this single handle.

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