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Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks
A reach truck is required by companies to help them get tasks done efficiently and fast. These elements which will enable the business to make the most money at the end of the day. The Crown series of reach trucks provides you with more for your investment in various ways. For example, these machines deliver smart traction along with responsive controls. The state-of-the-art ergonomics offer the operator with a major edge.

The equipment are capable of attaining breakthrough capacities, heights, visibility and energy savings. Crown provides strong and reliable machinery that could endure harsh environments. They provide increasing pallet moves and precise load handling with phenomenal lift and travel speeds. The reliability is well documented and results in driving overall expenses down while offering maintenance simplicity and industry-leading uptime.

The Crown reach truck series consists of the RR 5700 Series, the SR 5000 Series as well as the RM 6000 Series. Particularly, the Crown RR 5700 delivers the best performance in the reach truck industry for lift/lower and travel functions.

The RD 5700 is an extremely sturdy and helpful workhorse. This particular model provides the best use of space within the business, without taking away from operator comfort. The most innovative performance and design as well as innovative technology all come together in this series. Crown also provides their exclusive Access 123 Comprehensive System Control to provide great operator control and service team accessibility.

Taking It to the Next Level
Crown's RR 5700S Series reach trucks have helped to revolutionize the standard of operator productivity, total serviceability and reach truck performance. This reach truck model features numerous innovative concepts for improving operator output based on comfort and operator positioning. Several positioning alternatives consist of lean or sit or stand choices. This industry leading variety helps the operator avoid exhaustion by being able to change positions regularly and greatly lessens operator exhaustion.

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